about us

Daylesford Bio-Hack is a collaboration between Penny and Ian, two long time work collaborators with extensive backgrounds in global PR, media, marketing, sales and strategy. Daylesford Bio-Hack was formed in the 2020 lockdown period, when we were searching for products to improve our own wellbeing and bio-hack our age. Being unable to find a locally produced product that matched our requirements, we decided to produce our own. With our ultimate goal to provide a product for people that enriches lifestyle, boosts energy and mental clarity, we created EmpowerC60.

Our C60 is made with cold-pressed organic olive oil we source from a single farm in the high-country in the Victorian Alps, Australia. We use 100% highest-purity C60 produced in America which is safe for human consumption. 

What happened to Ian?

Unable to grow an even beard due to scarring from teenage acne, Ian had never sported a serious beard. In only one month, to Ian’s surprise he got strong and even hair growth on his chin and is in danger of becoming a bearded-hipster. Linda’s (Ian’s wife) only request is he keeps it neat. Ian is a content producer and that means a lot of writing. Ian has found his mental clarity and being able to concentrate for longer periods of time a benefit taking C60.

Congrats Ian, with a bushy beard in place and stronger mental clarity, Ian is an advocate of the benefits of a daily-dose of C60.

What happened to Penny?

Penny noticed her energy, motivation and ATP improved noticeably after taking C60. She has a quicker recovery rate after exercise (reduced DOMs) and sharp mental clarity again. Penny feels she has the energy of a thirty-year-old again, and her exercise buddy insisted on being the very first customer of EmpowerC60.

Penny can also again read the account numbers on the bottom of the bills without using her magnifying glass. This happened after six months of continual consumption of C60. Penny is also an advocate of a daily-dose.