The Benefits of EmpowerC60? Let us tell you about it…kinda

The Benefits of EmpowerC60? Let us tell you about it…kinda

Selling the virtues of a product such as EmpowerC60 that offers health benefits to you is sometimes challenging to do.

Over decades there have been 100’s of products sold to the masses claiming incredible health benefits. As discerning consumers, we know that the actual benefits in a lot of the products is negligible at best and absolutely zero in some instances. The ‘Snake Oil’ salesman seen spruiking in many an old western movie has led us to a dialled-up scepticism of ‘cure all’ products. Which is why the TGA and the US FDA has laid down strict guidelines when it comes to promoting health benefits of any products. Couple that with Facebook’s own rigorous crackdown on health shonks (particularly through the “nasty virus” pandemic) means promoting any product with health benefits is very tricky. Even for a product as natural and pure as EmpowerC60.

Olive Oil C60 EmpowerC60

Why do we use olive oil? (hint = oleocanthal)

Health experts often discuss the health benefits of olive oil. Indeed, there are many studies extolling the virtues of a Mediterranean diet where olive oil is an important and all-round ingredient. From cooking to dressings, Olive Oil features in just about every Mediterranean dish. And we are thankful for that yummy peppery additional flavour. Well, that peppery, taste on the palate of real, organic cold-pressed, extra-virgin olive oil indicates the ‘oleocanthal‘ which gives it the health benefits. Our cold-press, extra-virgin olive oil is super-high quality and from the foothills of the Victorian Alps and we mix it with 100 per cent pure C60.(We use olive oil in EmpowerC60 due to the main benefit of Olive holding holds more C60 when saturated than other oils such as coconut oil).

The 2012 Baati Experiment

Given that there has been a solitary experiment proving the benefits of C60, and the 2012 Baati experiment in Paris used olive oil, we believe it is the best combination to make C60 bio-available. Now the Baati experiment used wistar rats (prone to cancer) and the test group which received daily doses of C60 outlived the other group by a considerable margin (90%) and experienced zero toxicity. Daylesford Bio-Hack is against using any animals in lab tests, but this original experiment was a toxicity one not a longevity one and the results were unexpectedly surprising if not amazing. We are indeed looking forward to new studies which reinforce the Baati experiment results in humans. Until then, we rely on the interesting and diverse anecdotal experiences being reported as everyone’s biology is different.

Humans consuming C60 for 30 odd years

Moving on quickly, humans have been taking C60 from pretty much the time the Baati study findings were released. As an allotrope of carbon, C60 is a 100% natural product which has been identified in space by NASA. Companies in the US such as SES Research have been producing and selling C60 for 30 years. So if SES Research has been producing and selling C60 for 30 years, especially in the highly litigious environment of the USA, it stands to reason that there is nothing sinister about C60 and its health benefits. It was those factors that led us to purchase C60 from them to produce EmpowerC60.

The benefits of EMPOWER C60 

Onto the benefits of C60. Taking Empowerc60 needs to become a daily habit as consistency shows the greatest benefits. As C60 is the world’s most powerful antioxidant it needs to be regularly made bio-available so that the antioxidants can do their job. Antioxidants neutralise specific harmful free-radicals in the body. (Read here for more detail regarding antioxidants v free radicals).

So C60 cleans-up oxidised cells. But what does this actually do to your body? Well, every ‘body’ is different. Each at its own stage of life. Oxidised cells create inflammation. This can lead to arthritis and other inflammatory illnesses. Therefore, reducing oxidised cells can reduce the inflammation. A body with a high oxidative burden may have other health areas of concern. These can range from lack of energy to lower immunity. SES Research says “C60 is a known antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral.“ C60 can help reduce the body’s oxidative burden.


Benefits EmpowerC60

Our EmpowerC60 community…come join us

Over the last 18 months we’ve written about improved reduction of delayed-onset muscle fatigue (DOMS), improved hair growth, eyesight improvement, increased energy levels and clarity and getting more vigour in your life. (read all our articles here). Everyone’s biology is different, so the benefits of EmpowerC60 are individual to you.

Also, you will get an insight into the Daylesford Bio-Hack community we’re building. Our love for nature, the seasons, good healthy seasonal food and an active lifestyle. All the things that contribute to a healthy life. What we have found is that EmpowerC60, as part of our daily regime, has a positive impact. You clean your teeth daily so your mouth is healthy and feels better. Why not clean up oxidised cells so your body feels healthy too?

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Spring is in the air

Spring is in the air

Spring is in the air,

Blossoms everywhere,

Walks in sun, happiness and fun,

Birds singing in your ear.

Spring is in the air,

Nature’s perfumes everywhere,

Wattle golds and tulip bulbs,

Many-petalled florets of the pear.

Blossom fills the air,

Beauty everywhere,

Happy smiles and laughs with friends,

Outdoor days of fun, that we share.

Springtime is here, new energies appear,

Oh, if we, could always see, such hope through the year,

Oh, if we, could always feel, such energy in the air,

Fun for all, that people call their favourite time of year.

Springtime crabapple blossom is the promise of crabapple jelly in autumn. Why don’t you try making crabapple jelly next autumn?

How to maintain your winter fitness with Belinda Amis Wheaton

How to maintain your winter fitness with Belinda Amis Wheaton

Who better to ask how to maintain winter fitness than Belinda Amis Wheaton who joined the EmpowerC60 community in November 2020?

With winter’s claws firmly gripping us, the Daylesford Bio-Hack team thought it would be a good idea to check in with our first customer Belinda and see how taking Empower 60 is helping her busy day to day life. As a mother of one and working for women’s gym network Fernwood Fitness, in the role of national sales manager, means Belinda burns through a substantial amount of energy every day!


How do you maintain your winter fitness during winter Belinda?

It’s really important to be kind to yourself. Look for progression not perfection.  And grab a training buddy to help keep you motivated!  I have found a lot of people affected in Victoria with lockdown interruptions to their normal exercise routines. I suggest adopting the “if…then” strategy.  Here’s what I mean…

 If you plan an outdoor run on Saturday morning but it’s bucketing down, what do you do then?

The then could be as simple as doing some exercises on your undercover deck or a shelter somewhere.

If you plan to go to the gym but then it closes due to lockdown, what then?

An online workout?  Grab your training buddy and do your best. Even a Zoom workout is better than nothing.

Having a “if…then” strategy will ensure the workout still gets done, and you don’t lose your momentum with your winter fitness goals.

What’s the biggest obstacle in winter months?

Your mind and a lack of motivation!  Make sure you create a routine that leads to a winter fitness habit.

You will need to change up your routine in winter!  More clothes, less light…Any excuse can be overcome with the “if…then” strategy.

Exercising in the third stage of life! Any hints?

Often it becomes about health and wellness versus vanity.  Take time to set some health goals.  Then find programs to suit your goals.  There are so many online resources available to educate and support you to achieve your goals.  If you are still unsure or have health concerns, seek out advice from a professional.

 What if I am just starting out?

My advice is just start!!

Don’t wait until you’re fit or thin or have enough of everything.  You’ll never get started!

Set your health goals, get some great advice and just start!

The biggest mistake is going too hard too soon or exercising 6/7 times a week which you cannot maintain! You need to set a goal and then build up to it. If you want to run a marathon you wouldn’t try to run 42k’s at the get-go, would you? Set bite sized chunks allowing you to build up your fitness.

My routine is to walk daily and aim for three resistance sessions per week.  I have a personal trainer right now. I don’t always have a trainer but generally heading into winter I work with a trainer when my motivation can tend to be low.

I don’t have time?

Like everyone, I lead a busy life.  However, time can just be an excuse.

We all get an equal number of hours in a day.  It is simply a question of how we choose to use them.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

A glass of Prosecco, beautiful cheese with quince paste.

It’s all about a happy medium and as I said earlier, be kind to yourself. 

How long have you been taking EmpowerC60 Belinda and what benefits have you felt?

I have been taking EmpowerC60 for 8 months now.  I feel a positive change in my energy and vitality. Everyone is different but for me it’s now part of my daily regime.


Why autumn is the best season

Why autumn is the best season

We often ask ourselves in Daylesford why is Autumn the best season?


It is the start of the chill which means summer has packed its bags and headed north,

We curse the shortened daylight and hasten to get the winter woollies out of storage,

Sunscreen is replaced with scarfs and beanies replace our sweat stained hats,

Hard work outdoors now is a race against the clock not a race to the shade,


Cold beer, salads and time dozing under the veranda now replaced by mesmerising, warming fires.


Food changes as radical as the leaves on a tree with greens giving way to browns, oranges and reds,

A slow cooked ragu, a nice veggie laden stew and lamb roasts satiates our insides.

Preserves, jams and pickles are lovingly picked from cupboards and replaced with this year’s batch,

 Warming deserts of chocolate and cream, oozing comfort from the very first taste on the palate.

Autumn is a nurturing time, when we get close to our loved ones in body and soul,

We lean into the warmth of a conversation over a cup of steaming tea and quince cake.

The rhythm of life rolls slower, we long for a ray of warming sunshine after days of rain,

Our minds look for different stimulation, our bodies slow and energy wains within us.

The motherly warmth of a woollen blanket pulled up tight to keep the dark cold dawn away,

Vigour seems to be a trait left in last season, vitality going the way of the green leaves too.

The crisp of the cold, once craved for in the searing summer sun, is itself a treat of the season.

It’s a season with softened sky tones, with bright bursting fruit and magical colours on tree lined streets,

Sunsets blink by and night descends upon us again, fireside chats romance our spirits.

This season of the solstice has its special charm, a relief from summer, a brace against a wind chill, a sombre mood, a choice to embrace new rhythms and colours.

That’s why we love Autumn!

C60 – What does it do?

C60 – What does it do?

C60, or Carbon 60, acts as a free radical sponge. Scientific data has revealed that Carbon-60 has an antioxidant capacity several hundred times higher than other antioxidants.

C60, and all its attributed benefits, is only a relatively new discovery. Discovered in the mid-1980s, this carbon molecule was an exciting scientific breakthrough. Scientists Sir Harry Kroto, Richard Smalley and Bob Curl were awarded the Nobel Prize in 1996 for their discovery. This article from Popular Science steps through the discovery, the early days of refining what they’d found and its launch to the world. Truly fascinating stuff.

At the heart of Daylesford Bio-Hack is providing products that enhance, enrich and encourage better living. We came across C60 while looking to bio-hack our middle age. Not looking to reverse the ageing process or stem the tide of time, we wanted to find products that improved our life, assisted with ageing and helped the body fight its metabolic battle.

So onto your question “C60 what does it do?”

● C60 is the world’s most powerful antioxidant.
● C60 scavenges free radicals removing toxic by-products caused by cellular activity.
● C60 reduces inflammation that is caused by free radicals. It is seen as a preventative rather than a cure.
● C60 scavenges free radicals, resets itself to continue on doing this and then washes out of the body over a 10 day period.

That’s the science bit. What does it do to our everyday lives?

From my personal experience, the effects have been enhanced mental clarity and recall. I now enjoy deeper sleep and actually require less sleep. I have more energy, of a sustained kind, especially during typical 3pm drowsy periods. As a content producer, my sustained concentration has helped with my work output. I’ve always had an unimpressive and uneven beard due to teenage acne and now it’s robust, though my baldness is still prevalent!

I’d like to share a very personal insight into how EmpowerC60 benefits me every day (from Ian)

Recently the devastating floods on the New South Wales mid-north coast inundated my sister-in-law’s house. The result was dire, with a loss of possessions and an awful clean-up. It was a lightning trip up to Port Macquarie to help her for a few days. Lugging damaged furniture and white goods, as well as mucking out floodwater is pretty draining emotionally and saps your energy. Thankfully no real harm was done. Getting back home there were lots of jobs to do around the garden over the weekend, as usual.

Now, I had forgotten to pack my EmpowerC60 on my trip to Port Macquarie. Once home I absent-mindedly skipped taking it for another 2 days. Sunday rolled around and I could not believe how lethargic I felt. I had no energy and it was a real struggle to do anything. I had not felt this sapped for a long time. I gladly took my teaspoon of C60 Monday morning. Within hours my energy levels had returned to what I have become used to. I was alert, active and had my vitality back. Back in spades. It was such a great example to myself of the benefits of taking Empower C60 daily. It helps in many ways and on many levels. I hope you take inspiration from my story.

Seekers of Health

As seekers of health, we practice what we preach and we have been taking C60 over the last 12 months. Both of us have experienced personal improvements including mental clarity and enhanced energy levels. As everyone’s biology is different, how C60 interacts with different physiologies varies from person to person. The level of oxidised cells, depends on lifestyle, work-life balance and stress. So the benefits will be different for everybody, although energy and mental clarity seem to be the ones mainly reported in the short term.

Our own experiences led us to found Daylesford Bio-Hack. We wanted a locally produced product range that not only offers a product that helps fellow Australians and starts a community that will reap the benefits of taking Empower C60 on a daily basis.

So start your EmpowerC60 journey today and bring vigour, vitality and energy to your everyday. You can buy EmpowerC60 here and the auto-ship option affords the best value. We would love to hear from you so we can share your experiences with others in the EmpowerC60 community.


Mostly Ian & Penny