C60, or Carbon 60, acts as a free radical sponge. Scientific data has revealed that Carbon-60 has an antioxidant capacity several hundred times higher than other antioxidants.

C60, and all its attributed benefits, is only a relatively new discovery. Discovered in the mid-1980s, this carbon molecule was an exciting scientific breakthrough. Scientists Sir Harry Kroto, Richard Smalley and Bob Curl were awarded the Nobel Prize in 1996 for their discovery. This article from Popular Science steps through the discovery, the early days of refining what they’d found and its launch to the world. Truly fascinating stuff.

At the heart of Daylesford Bio-Hack is providing products that enhance, enrich and encourage better living. We came across C60 while looking to bio-hack our middle age. Not looking to reverse the ageing process or stem the tide of time, we wanted to find products that improved our life, assisted with ageing and helped the body fight its metabolic battle.

So onto your question “C60 what does it do?”

● C60 is the world’s most powerful antioxidant.
● C60 scavenges free radicals removing toxic by-products caused by cellular activity.
● C60 reduces inflammation that is caused by free radicals. It is seen as a preventative rather than a cure.
● C60 scavenges free radicals, resets itself to continue on doing this and then washes out of the body over a 10 day period.

That’s the science bit. What does it do to our everyday lives?

From my personal experience, the effects have been enhanced mental clarity and recall. I now enjoy deeper sleep and actually require less sleep. I have more energy, of a sustained kind, especially during typical 3pm drowsy periods. As a content producer, my sustained concentration has helped with my work output. I’ve always had an unimpressive and uneven beard due to teenage acne and now it’s robust, though my baldness is still prevalent!

I’d like to share a very personal insight into how EmpowerC60 benefits me every day (from Ian)

Recently the devastating floods on the New South Wales mid-north coast inundated my sister-in-law’s house. The result was dire, with a loss of possessions and an awful clean-up. It was a lightning trip up to Port Macquarie to help her for a few days. Lugging damaged furniture and white goods, as well as mucking out floodwater is pretty draining emotionally and saps your energy. Thankfully no real harm was done. Getting back home there were lots of jobs to do around the garden over the weekend, as usual.

Now, I had forgotten to pack my EmpowerC60 on my trip to Port Macquarie. Once home I absent-mindedly skipped taking it for another 2 days. Sunday rolled around and I could not believe how lethargic I felt. I had no energy and it was a real struggle to do anything. I had not felt this sapped for a long time. I gladly took my teaspoon of C60 Monday morning. Within hours my energy levels had returned to what I have become used to. I was alert, active and had my vitality back. Back in spades. It was such a great example to myself of the benefits of taking Empower C60 daily. It helps in many ways and on many levels. I hope you take inspiration from my story.

Seekers of Health

As seekers of health, we practice what we preach and we have been taking C60 over the last 12 months. Both of us have experienced personal improvements including mental clarity and enhanced energy levels. As everyone’s biology is different, how C60 interacts with different physiologies varies from person to person. The level of oxidised cells, depends on lifestyle, work-life balance and stress. So the benefits will be different for everybody, although energy and mental clarity seem to be the ones mainly reported in the short term.

Our own experiences led us to found Daylesford Bio-Hack. We wanted a locally produced product range that not only offers a product that helps fellow Australians and starts a community that will reap the benefits of taking Empower C60 on a daily basis.

So start your EmpowerC60 journey today and bring vigour, vitality and energy to your everyday. You can buy EmpowerC60 here and the auto-ship option affords the best value. We would love to hear from you so we can share your experiences with others in the EmpowerC60 community.


Mostly Ian & Penny