When Summer In Daylesford Smells Pink

When Summer In Daylesford Smells Pink

Our town is truly a place where you get to experience all four seasons with gusto! Summer is filled with long, long days and sweet, sweet fragrances fill the air…

One of the rare pleasures of a Daylesford winter is the expectation of the summer fruits and fragrances which abound during our hot summer.

Our garden in the heart of town is a plethora of fruit and flowering plants.

Now it does take a lot of work, as does any garden. With lots of love, pruning, water, organic fertiliser and hand-weeding, our garden sings into the hot summer nights. 

The roses have blushed with a fantastic flush.

Our Seour Emmanuelle rose was out in full force. Not only did she provide a beautiful feast for the eyes but her fragrance was enveloping. And its tight buds were true to trend for this year’s Pantone fashion spring summer 2021 colour “vivifying raspberry sorbet.” You can check it out here.

When opened out and in a vase, they also reveal a pink shade close to Rose Tan,” the Pantone® Autumn Winter 2021  colour. You can check it out here

“Calm is a great way to describe many of the fall/ winter 2020 colour trends, rose tan amongst them. This dusty pink is serious and composed, and since it is truly a neutral, it can be extremely flattering to all.” https://glowsly.com/fall-winter-color-trends/

The other thing is pink is a beautiful colour that does wonderful things to our senses – read this.

The Boscobel rose was also magnificent and reinforced the vivifying raspberry sorbet colour trend.

Our three Alnwick Castle (pronounced Annick) rose bushes weren’t being left behind and its strength of perfume not matched by anything else in the garden during the summer. The clusters of perfect pink, many-petalled flowers are set off to perfection with the border of blue flowering nepeta (catmint) in front.

Rose Alnwick Castle (pronounced Annick)

Also adding to the visual feast was our Hydrangea and Blue Geranium. The intense periwinkle blue is a magnet for the bees as was all the other blue flowers of the lavender, lamb’s ear, nepeta and rosemary.

Our Coral Peony was spectacular in November. The frosty winters and warm summers make Daylesford the perfect place to grow these magical, regal blooms which are the size of saucers. We’re lucky indeed to be able to grow them.  Many people desire to grow peonies in the northern states but can’t due to humidity and lack of very cold winters.

Onto the fruity side of Daylesford. Our pears were still small but growing. It is rare to say we’re looking forward to autumn which signals cooler days and nights but with this little bunch on the way to ripening, it’s something to look forward too. How does a pear tarte tatin sound for pudding? Mmm.. yes please.

The best of breed this season has been our burgeoning black currant bush which yielded a beautiful bounty of fruit resulting in eleven jars of delicious blackcurrant jam! Breakfast is delicious and nutritious with homemade jam. Spread on fresh sourdough from Dairy Flat Farm which is sold at Wombat Hill House café and kitchen garden. With a cup of tea at the ready, it is a delight to look forward to each day. Perfection straight after a teaspoon of EmpowerC60.

Our Fuji Apples are in their third year of being espaliered and responding well to their summer pruning and growing habit. This is the largest crop ever and we had to net them due to a curious Cockatoo who cracked one or two.

Mais Oui Mon Cherie

Happiness is cherries on your own tree in summer. This year our Stella tree produced the best crop. In her fourth year of growth and enduring a very cold winter the fruit set, and we harvested about four kilos of fruit.

Stella is a December cropping variety so the cherries were ready to be harvested just before Christmas. There’s nothing like home grown organic cherries, and a little fella thought so too. We’re happy to share our cherry bounty, just as long as the grubs don’t damage too much of the fruit.

Our apricots were the size of small apples last year but apricots only fruit off new wood, so without pruning, we sadly had none this year.

We know summer will be a warm memory soon. For now, we’re remembering what a great time of year summer is in Daylesford. Think it is time to go for a beer on the green at our favourite pub, The Royal Daylesford. See you outside at a table, taking in the evening social scene in the shade of the historic canopied trees while we can.