Daylesford Daze…..when you finally get a chance to visit the town you live in…

Most of the time the team at Daylesford Bio-Hack are heads down working to produce EmpowerC60. We produce EmpowerC60 in small batches so that it is fresh for you. Small batch production takes a long time. While our good friends at Enki Apothecary do all the mixing, the rest of us are busy with the marketing, sales, distribution side of the business and of course providing excellent customer service to the Daylesford Bio-hack community.

However, over our recent annual content and marketing planning meeting, we had the chance to live the Daylesford life for a couple of days.

And what a day the first one was! With the summer sun pounding down the temperature rose to a banging 32 degrees celsius pretty early in the day. Now that did play havoc with our planned photoshoot, so we sought out the shade.

Frangos & Frangos

First stop was the mighty Hotel Frangos. Formerly used by three separate businesses including mining offices, this grand building was built in the 1880s. It was reimagined in the late 1980 and 90s to an iconic establishment draped with lush vines and climbing roses. This building houses a boutique hotel, café, restaurant and wine bar in the heart of Daylesford. The beautiful stone agora courtyard out the back, with ornamental grapevine covered pergolas and established birch trees provided respite from the increasing heat of the day.

Wombat Botanic Gardens and Wombat Hill Top Cafe

For a change of scenery, we then headed up the Daylesford hill (Wombat Hill) to the beautiful Wombat Hill Botanical Gardens and Wombat Hill House Cafe & Kitchen Garden for a bite to eat at a table inside, under a fan. The temperature was continuing to rise to the predicted top of 34 degrees. The heat was not going to stifle our tourist mode though. We went for a walk through the gardens, seeing anew the big carved wombats, the amazing giant nest sculpture in the fern garden, the cute-child-pulling-a-bindy-from-the-foot statue and the seemingly endless walking paths. The garden’s botanically diversity was stunning and with recent rains, the lawns were also in fine fettle. The highlight was a few minutes under the cooling canopy listening to the cascades of a waterfall. Ahh, the serenity.

After a refreshing bottle of Daylesford’s Pure Mineral water at Wombat Cafe, we were again on our way.

Hydrated and refreshed, next was a quick visit to Enki Apothecary to pick up our latest batch and to visit where EmpowerC60 literally comes to life. It is so refreshing to talk to people who love what they do. Jesse and Alexandra definitely love their craft and the different smells from all the natural plant extracts was a wonderful bouquet fit for any nose.

Daylesford has some beautiful buildings and Daylesford Bio-Hack has already set its sights on our headquarters. Hey, we may be getting ahead of ourselves a bit early but you can’t blame us. Especially when the restoration has been done as tastefully as 39 Albert Street. It so happens it is right beside Enki, which would make things handy as we grow. Dreams eh? You need something to grow toward.

Now as the afternoon sun was starting its journey westward, a cleansing ale at the Royal Hotel was definitely in order. This is a great pub that has been renovated from tip to toe with nothing left to whimsy. The wonderfully deep historic surround balcony on the first floor would be an ideal place to watch the world go by and the sunset slowly. Unfortunately, it is the domain of hotel guests, so if you plan on watching the afternoon sun go down, you’ll need to book the right room. The building and veranda from the street is very impressive. More so the modern renovations and the friendly service. A very good pub and a very welcome respite for weary travellers today, as it has been since 1916.

Long summer evenings with daylight that lingers ‘til 9 pm are ideal for further exploring around Daylesford. With an appetite for something light and tasty, we headed to 1 Camp Street and the amazing As big fans of Japanese food, this was as close to heaven as you could get. Sakana is in a beautiful old pub that’s been converted to a very stylish eatery. With food to die for and a wine list to complement every taste including a Passing Clouds Shiraz, we could not have found a better place to end up for the evening.

The next day dawned and with it some respite from the summer heat. Actually, a hell of a lot of respite which saw us scrounging for our not so easy to locate winter jackets. A fresh 9 degrees Celsius greeted us at the start of the second day of our annual strategy meeting.


Our attention, while on some marketing plans in the morning, was firmly on lunch. We were heading to Passing Clouds winery at Musk. A short drive out of town. Or if you’re lucky enough to be heading there on a Sunday, you can jump aboard a heritage train for the short journey to the recently opened Passing Clouds railway station. Trains depart from Daylesford’s heritage-listed station, which was built in 1882. Its age is slightly preceded by Musk Creek station (as it was originally called) which opened in 1881. So, if the idea of catching a heritage train, to an award-winning winery for amazing lunch doesn’t get on your bucket list, check your pulse…

It was a pity we were heading on a Friday and couldn’t alight the train, but the lunch and the accompanying wines were sublime. The dining room at Passing Clouds is light, airy and the food to die for. Let’s just say the locally made pate is unsurpassable but the char-roasted chicken did its very best to take out the flavour award. A few perfectly matched vinos, the Estate Pinot Noir had me at the first smell, and the Estate Chardonnay was Penny’s perfect pick all the more so because of its French, cool-climate style palate. A welcome walk around the vineyard after lunch topped off a memorable afternoon. Sure, not much work was happening but sometimes a bit of time out can be good for the synapses and creative thinking.

Leitches Creek mineral Spring

The journey home was via Leitches Creek to fill a bottle of mineral water from the hand pump. Given our excesses over the last couple of days, we needed to start to cleanse our systems.

So, with our two-day strategy meeting Daylesford over in a flash, it was time to get back to the real world of running Daylesford Bio-Hack. It did prove to us that the town is not only a great place to run a business from but it is a tourer’s delight.

The days were made better by the company too. A big thanks to Penny, Daylesford Bio-Hack co-founder, who made the days a lot of fun while keeping us on track to tick tasks off the list.