Who better to ask how to maintain winter fitness than Belinda Amis Wheaton who joined the EmpowerC60 community in November 2020?

With winter’s claws firmly gripping us, the Daylesford Bio-Hack team thought it would be a good idea to check in with our first customer Belinda and see how taking Empower 60 is helping her busy day to day life. As a mother of one and working for women’s gym network Fernwood Fitness, in the role of national sales manager, means Belinda burns through a substantial amount of energy every day!


How do you maintain your winter fitness during winter Belinda?

It’s really important to be kind to yourself. Look for progression not perfection.  And grab a training buddy to help keep you motivated!  I have found a lot of people affected in Victoria with lockdown interruptions to their normal exercise routines. I suggest adopting the “if…then” strategy.  Here’s what I mean…

 If you plan an outdoor run on Saturday morning but it’s bucketing down, what do you do then?

The then could be as simple as doing some exercises on your undercover deck or a shelter somewhere.

If you plan to go to the gym but then it closes due to lockdown, what then?

An online workout?  Grab your training buddy and do your best. Even a Zoom workout is better than nothing.

Having a “if…then” strategy will ensure the workout still gets done, and you don’t lose your momentum with your winter fitness goals.

What’s the biggest obstacle in winter months?

Your mind and a lack of motivation!  Make sure you create a routine that leads to a winter fitness habit.

You will need to change up your routine in winter!  More clothes, less light…Any excuse can be overcome with the “if…then” strategy.

Exercising in the third stage of life! Any hints?

Often it becomes about health and wellness versus vanity.  Take time to set some health goals.  Then find programs to suit your goals.  There are so many online resources available to educate and support you to achieve your goals.  If you are still unsure or have health concerns, seek out advice from a professional.

 What if I am just starting out?

My advice is just start!!

Don’t wait until you’re fit or thin or have enough of everything.  You’ll never get started!

Set your health goals, get some great advice and just start!

The biggest mistake is going too hard too soon or exercising 6/7 times a week which you cannot maintain! You need to set a goal and then build up to it. If you want to run a marathon you wouldn’t try to run 42k’s at the get-go, would you? Set bite sized chunks allowing you to build up your fitness.

My routine is to walk daily and aim for three resistance sessions per week.  I have a personal trainer right now. I don’t always have a trainer but generally heading into winter I work with a trainer when my motivation can tend to be low.

I don’t have time?

Like everyone, I lead a busy life.  However, time can just be an excuse.

We all get an equal number of hours in a day.  It is simply a question of how we choose to use them.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

A glass of Prosecco, beautiful cheese with quince paste.

It’s all about a happy medium and as I said earlier, be kind to yourself. 

How long have you been taking EmpowerC60 Belinda and what benefits have you felt?

I have been taking EmpowerC60 for 8 months now.  I feel a positive change in my energy and vitality. Everyone is different but for me it’s now part of my daily regime.