We often ask ourselves in Daylesford why is Autumn the best season?


It is the start of the chill which means summer has packed its bags and headed north,

We curse the shortened daylight and hasten to get the winter woollies out of storage,

Sunscreen is replaced with scarfs and beanies replace our sweat stained hats,

Hard work outdoors now is a race against the clock not a race to the shade,


Cold beer, salads and time dozing under the veranda now replaced by mesmerising, warming fires.


Food changes as radical as the leaves on a tree with greens giving way to browns, oranges and reds,

A slow cooked ragu, a nice veggie laden stew and lamb roasts satiates our insides.

Preserves, jams and pickles are lovingly picked from cupboards and replaced with this year’s batch,

 Warming deserts of chocolate and cream, oozing comfort from the very first taste on the palate.

Autumn is a nurturing time, when we get close to our loved ones in body and soul,

We lean into the warmth of a conversation over a cup of steaming tea and quince cake.

The rhythm of life rolls slower, we long for a ray of warming sunshine after days of rain,

Our minds look for different stimulation, our bodies slow and energy wains within us.

The motherly warmth of a woollen blanket pulled up tight to keep the dark cold dawn away,

Vigour seems to be a trait left in last season, vitality going the way of the green leaves too.

The crisp of the cold, once craved for in the searing summer sun, is itself a treat of the season.

It’s a season with softened sky tones, with bright bursting fruit and magical colours on tree lined streets,

Sunsets blink by and night descends upon us again, fireside chats romance our spirits.

This season of the solstice has its special charm, a relief from summer, a brace against a wind chill, a sombre mood, a choice to embrace new rhythms and colours.

That’s why we love Autumn!