As evidenced by the Mediterranean diet, the benefits are well worth your attention, namely Oleocanthal.

Firstly, what is Oleocanthal?

Oleocanthal is the naturally occurring compound that gives olive oil it’s peppery taste and produces a slight stinging sensation at the back of the throat. Olive oil without that peppery, throat is usually not a premium or high-quality olive oil. By high quality, we mean organic, cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil manufactured in a way that maintains this compound in abundance. Exactly like the oil we use in EmpowerC60. Our olive oil is produced on a single organic farm in Mansfield, at the base of the Victorian Alps, and is of exceptional quality.


Onto those key benefits

There are multiple levels of goodness that the body takes in with Oleocanthal. The Daylesford Bio-Hack team looked into the key benefits that Oleocanthal affords.


1. Oleocanthal has anti-inflammatory Scientists found a similarity between oleocanthal and ibuprofen. This sparked the scientific hypothesis that these two compounds may possess similar pharmacological properties. It was proven oleocanthal inhibits inflammation in the same way as ibuprofen. To read more about this naturally occurring anti-inflammatory agent click here.

2. Antioxidant has detailed the beneficial effects of Olive Oil on the brain. Extra virgin olive oil contains 36 phenolic compounds. Oleocanthal is one of those compounds. The research goes on to state the compounds enter the brain. They produce neuroprotective effects via antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities. Like C60, it reduces the oxidative burden by neutralising select free-radicals. Is there such a thing as too much of a selective free-radical antioxidant? It’s never enough until your heart stops beating.

3. Healthy Ageing – A hallmark of the Mediterranean Diet, extra-virgin olive oil has polyphenols that have positive physiological effects in terms of inflammation, oxidative damage, bone-health, cell-function etc, possibly reducing the risk of chronic disease development. The health benefits of extra-virgin olive oil are known. To the Mediterranean Diet adherents, it is an integral part of their diet, with the daily intake of extra-virgin olive oil in cooked dishes and salads. Healthy aging is disease-free old age. The study correlated polyphenols to healthy aging and also determined which cultivating method and processing procedure provides the best results in terms of yielding oils richer in polyphenols.

4. Studies have shown that Oleocanthal, the fragrant, peppery compound in extra-virgin olive oil interferes with the formation of plaques or fibres in the brain which is peculiar to the neurodegenerative disease Alzheimer’s. Adherents on the Mediterranean diet consume up to 50 mL of extra-virgin olive oil a day and it has shown to reduce the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease in elderly patients.

(Fun Fact about Oleocanthal and its pepperiness – Mediterranean populations prize virgin olive oil and rate them as one cough or two cough oils, with the latter classed as superior!)

We love this because if you have our EmpowerC60 on a virgin palette, first thing in the morning, it can make you cough a bit with its pepperiness sensation. If you have it after you’ve eaten or have broken your palette with a piece of bread you won’t notice.

So, you can see it is not by accident that we mix ESS60 (C60) with extra-virgin olive oil in to make it bio-available. There is some real science behind it. So “Olé Olé Olé” team.

Disclaimer: Daylesford Bio-Hack and Empower C60 oils are not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any condition, nor imply medical cures.