Empower C60 Organic Oils

Australian organic cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil

The cold-pressed, extra-virgin olive oil we use in EmpowerC60 is sourced from a single farm in the foothills of the Victorian Alps. It is extremely high-quality, which is demonstrated by its pungent, peppery and slightly bitter palette.  It’s this aftertaste which denotes the levels of oleocanthal and tocopherols in the oil which give it such wonderful health-benefits, as demonstrated by the Mediterranean diet.

If you find the taste a bit strong, dip a small piece of crusty bread in your teaspoon and consume it that way.

Olive oil holds more C60 when saturated than other oils such as avocado oil, so the amount you need to take is less. Extra-virgin olive oil is good for your health as demonstrated by the Mediterranean diet. Also, this is considered the original oil choice, because extra-virgin olive oil was used in the 2012 Baati experiment in Paris where the rats lived 90% longer than average and there was zero toxicity. Yes, the increase in life expectancy of rats who consume C60 in olive oil was 90% greater and they died with no tumours. [R]

Daylesford Bio-Hack uses ESS60 which 100% pure and manufactured by a world-renowned lab in America.

why choose Organic Oils?

 It’s good to eat organic foods as they are free from pesticides, herbicides and their residues. That’s why we’ve chosen organically grown and cold-pressed oils. Australia has a clean farming reputation and we love bringing Australian oils to you. The oil we source is from the high-country in the Victoria Alps and cold-pressed which results in the pepperiness on the palate. Our EmpowerC60 olive oil is produced in a certified food-safe lab in Daylesford and bottled in violet Miron glass which bio-photonically preserves precious oils.

What is Oleocanthal?

 Oleocanthal is the naturally occurring compound which gives olive oil its peppery taste and produces a slight burning sensation at the back of the throat.

What does Oleocanthal help with?

Scientists in the past decade or more have been focussing on oleocanthal, especially in the area of neuro-degeneration to fight Alzheimer’s’ disease which is caused by plaques and neuro-tangles in the brain. [R]

Some studies have shown that oleocanthal, the fragrant, peppery compound in extra-virgin olive oil interferes with the formation of plaques or fibres in the brain which are peculiar to the neurodegenerative disease Alzheimer’s. Adherents on the Mediterranean diet consume up to 50 mL of extra-virgin olive oil a day and it has shown to reduce the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease with elderly patients.  

Using organic cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil ensures the benefits of oleocanthal are in EmpowerC60. [R]


Disclaimer: Daylesford Bio-Hack and Empower C60 oils are not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any condition, nor imply medical cures.